Productivity, efficiency, method, excellence and training, with reference terms for defining the tasks that our specialists perform in the consultancy and productive coaching service at the Technological Centre.

Dozens of clients have contracted this service with excellent results, and consequently we present it as a successful program that benefits all parties considerably: the client improves their productivity ratio and we consolidate the client’s trust in their equipment and management, which strengthens our commercial links.

What services do we offer?

Tactical projects


Focused on the technology part, with a hands-on philosophy, we offer analysis for clients with Comexi machines in printing, laminating and slitting.

Have you heard about Lean Management?

Efficiency, process revision, production optimization and standardization are terms that make us think of this concept, known as Serviflex.


The need to improve competitiveness by optimizing productivity is one of the services we run at Comexi CTec. We offer this service to our clients exclusively, through our team of specialists on coaching and accompaniment for productive improvement, as well as process standardisation. With wide experience in detecting and minimizing inefficiencies, improving processes and strengthening machine operability, our aim is to help you set the foundations for greater productive efficiency by boosting your own resources.


Due to the growing importance within the graphics industry of correct colour management and its control tools, at Comexi CTec we have developed Cingular Match. We work with standardization equipment to facilitate colour management, and to improve its copying quality and productivity. Providing this specific service has led us to set up close working relationships with leading experts in the sector like X Rite or ESKO, who have certified Comexi CTec as a strategical partner.

Strategical Projects

We focus on understanding the needs of the market and analysing the point of view of the Brand Owner and the consumer, offering the possibility of positioning our company on the basis of new market opportunities.

Turn-key projects

We provide support from the project outset: from introducing the latest available technologies in the flexible packaging sector and its trends, logistics recommendations, necessary premises, market analysis and others.