It was a unique opportunity to witness, in a single day, everything from prepress and plate production to printing, lamination, cutting, laser, and final line automation.

On November 8, more than 80 professionals from the flexible packaging industry gathered at an unprecedented event organized by Comexi and Asahi, with the collaboration of Esko, Hamilroad, Hubergroup, and Tesa. The day, covering from prepress to final line automation, served as the perfect stage for the worldwide launch of the revolutionary Comexi F2 Origin, an advanced flexographic printer designed to redefine excellence standards in printing.

Maximum Productivity and Exceptional Ergonomics:

The new Comexi F2 Origin stands out for its ability to deliver maximum productivity along with exceptional ergonomics and user-friendliness for operators. This flexo press also features exceptional drying capacity, allowing the use of solvent-free inks, highlighting its versatility and efficiency even at maximum speed (400 m/min).

The F2 Origin focuses on automation and ergonomics, making printing jobs more efficient than ever and very easy to use for operators. The technical innovations it includes, such as Genius Print, make startup and job changes extremely fast, as demonstrated during the demo.

Simple Plate Production:

Event attendees also had the opportunity to experience the simplicity and speed of in-house plate production, transforming their printing operations into truly profitable jobs. Unmatched cost efficiency was highlighted with 7C ECG printing and other innovative technologies.

High-Quality Printing:

Customers could see how the new Bellissima screening, by Hamilroad, provides a remarkable print quality that is not dependent on specific colors, setting new standards in the industry. Although alternatives to solvent-based inks are increasing, solvent-based inks remain a significant part of the flexible packaging sector. The event demonstrated how ECG printing can enhance color range and reduce printer downtime, showcasing the potential of the Comexi F2 Origin flexo in terms of quality and sustainability.

Effortless Conversion and Focus on Sustainability:

For the first time at Comexi, the complete process was shown, from prepress and printing to the conversion stage in action, including lamination, slitting, and reel handling in the final line, from which attendees could take samples. Sustainable solutions were presented, from the 7-color ink series to the Asahi water-washable carbon-neutral plates, UV LED XPS systems, innovative printing and prepress solutions from Comexi, and Tesa’s Twinlock sleeve system, all designed to reduce environmental impact.

Networking and Industry Knowledge:

The event also served as a meeting point for different actors in the flexible packaging sector. Comexi welcomed not only customers but also other suppliers in the sector, giving the event a breadth of knowledge.

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