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Efficient system for implementing improvements in the flexible packaging market.

Currently there are dozens of clients who have contracted this service with excellent results, therefore we present this service as a successful program which highly benefits all parties: clients improve their productivity rates and Comexi Group consolidates the trust clients have in its equipment and management, leading to the establishment of a more co-operative relationship.

The team of consultants at Comexi CTec has created an efficient system for implementing improvements in the facilities of our clients. In order for a work process to be efficient, the production equipment must be correctly prepared, and the information must be internally managed properly. Presently, with numerous projects, it is not sufficient to purchase and correctly install Comexi equipment (offset printers, flexographic printers, slitters and/or laminating machines); it is necessary to flawlessly implement the production process, thus enabling the equipment to operate efficiently. This implies a more variable control over the machine environment, in turn optimising and adapting the reality of the technology installed.

One of the services in high demand and an element of many success stories at the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre since its inception in 1999, is productivity improvement of all Comexi equipment: offset and flexographic printing, slitting, and laminating.

This process is executed after analyzing (auditing) prior production, organisation, product, and/or client/company sector data .

Once the results are gathered, the productivity data is defined in reference to which equipment is the most suitable, taking into account all the studied variables, which are set as the target. With this as a foundation, a program is developed to implement actions aimed at obtaining and maintaining the ratio set of production as a target. This process is usually implemented over a period of six to eight months.