April the 21st at 10:00 (GMT+2 Madrid) The main slitting defects, their causes and possible solutions, and the control quality of the reel, are covered in this online training. Main problems and defects: slip problem, wrinkles before cutting, abrasive materials, thickness difference and lay-on-roller bouncing. The Comexi slitting specialist will be at your disposal to […]

Formación presencial en idioma español. Dirigida a operarios y profesionales responsables del proceso de impresión que deseen aprender y profundizar sus conocimientos en flexografía. Curso acreditado como curso de especialización de la Fundación Universidad de Girona. Para mas información descárguese el programa. Para confirmar la asistencia regístrese aquí.

Improve the efficiency of the laminator and optimize its performance, solving defects in the laminate and share experiences, are the main objectives of this 3-day course. Addressed to operators and professionals responsible for the laminating process, who would like to understand, learn, become skilled and gain insights in lamination. For more information and registration please […]