The event faced new sustainable printing solutions for the current market trends

Comexi, a global leader in the flexible packaging industry, organized a successful seminar on April 3rd in Belgrade, for Serbia and the Balkans countries. The event faced new sustainable printing solutions for the current market trends; to this end, Comexi sent its best specialists to give high-quality speeches to more than 30 professionals who participated in the seminar. These conferences are in accordance with the experience and knowledge of the Manel Xifra Boada Technology Center (Comexi CTec), which is the driving force behind the flexible packaging sector.

On behalf of Comexi, and for such an important occasion for the company, Carles Rodríguez, (Lamination and Offset Brand Manager), Albert Torrent (Slitting Brand Manager), and Alessandro D’Agostino (Area Manager for this region), were the speakers leading the seminar, along with Nikola Biga and Jovan Stankovic, Comexi’s representatives in Serbia.

Rodríguez discussed the recyclability of flexible packaging by reducing the number of layers and using recyclable materials. He explained, with great detail, high technological coatings for finishings, optical effects, barrier properties, UV filters, COF modification, and a vast array of different applications. The brand manager also spoke about the primary advantages of the CI offset printing technology, a robust machine equipped with an EB ink curing system, which is completely solventless. Its high print quality and quick-change capability, along with the low production cost of plates and automatic sleeve changeover, are some of the principal elements that characterize this innovative press. The Comexi CI8 is the perfect solution for the best time-to-market.

The Brand manager of Comexi’s lamination business unit also commented on new flexo trolley applications, the new holographic KIT for multi-purpose laminations and more sustainable packaging water based adhesives.

Albert Torrent addressed maximizing the use of Slitting systems and Laser applications, connecting current market trends with a laser module integrated with Comexi’s slitters, and decreasing the current production costs through the system’s automation. The Laser system allows converters to quickly and easily differentiate themselves from the competition, providing a multitude of applications such as easy open systems, the creation of windows, micro perforations, or the insertion of codes. All of this brings added value to the customer, making life less complicated for end consumers of the packaging. This is a key technology that makes a difference and optimizes production, in turn, following the demands and trends of the market. The system is characterized by control, precision, and speed, allowing for customization, differentiation, and the performance of a wide range of applications and finishes.

Alessandro D’Agostino talked about Comexi CTec as a center specialist in advice and technical services for the impression and conversion of flexible packaging, novelties in flexo technology and the digital service platform, as well as the various Comexi services available to its customers in terms of quality, R&D, processes and systems, and online ordering.

During the seminar there was also an important emphasis on the Comexi Cloud, the most cutting-edge digital platform for the converting sector which is composed of different digital services linked to the machines and the data these machines generate. Production Analytics is the fastest and easiest way to analyse production, understand data and processes, as well as know the job cost of the printing and converting process. This data gives the customer relevant production information enabling them to make the most appropriate decisions. Through the data automatically being taken by the machine, including consumption of energy, inks and consumables, the module provides the total cost per m2 printed during a specific period of time. In addition to this, we also have the Comexi Ordering On Line (COOL) service. This new platform for the online sale of spare parts allows for quick identification, 3D and electrical diagrams, faster speed of the order process and security, all with 24/7 service. Another service is Maintenance Assistant, which allows for preventative management of task maintenance. Customers have access to all machine documentation, which is always available and updated.

With more than 60 years’ experience in the sector, Comexi has a wide product range of flexographic presses for short, medium and long runs, which adapt to the market’s most demanding requirements. With the growing demand for sustainable packaging, one aspect should not be underestimated: the equally growing public awareness of how this sustainable packaging is produced. In today’s market there is a clear trend that end users want more ECO friendly concepts for solvent disposal. Nowadays all the Comexi F2 familiy have the possibility to print with sustainable inks: EB, UV LED and water base.

“This seminar has allowed us to show the technology and innovation of Comexi to the most important Serbian and Macedonian companies in the flexible packaging sector”, explains Alessandro D’Agostino, who adds that “the responses have been very positive. Participants have primarily been interested in sustainable technologies such as offset and flexo printing, as well as laser applications to optimize and facilitate the final use of packaging “.

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